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Many choices for your kitchen

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, kitchen cabinets can be a major expense, but they may be the most important part of your kitchen design.  Make sure to match the cabinets with the style of the house. They will set the tone for the whole room.

Your choice of wood will have the most impact on the ultimate look. Choices range from cherry, birch, maple, oak, hickory, thermofoil or painted. From there, you will want to design the layout, decide if you want glass or open front on any of the cabinets, and if you want all of the cabinets to have the same stain or paint or mix it up a bit.  In dark areas, you may want to select lighter colors to offset the lack of natural light.You can use cabinets color in coordination with wall and floor colors bring it all together.

Once you have the larger decisions made, it’s time to get to finer points. Many people mistakenly think that kitchen cabinets come with knobs and hardware. However this is not the case. Think of the cabinet knobs and hardware as the jewelry of the kitchen.



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